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The Rabbinical Assembly 

כנסת הרבנים 

of Southern California

What is a GET?

 In Jewish law, a marriage is terminated only by a GET.  A GET is a document handed by the husband (or his agent) to the wife (or her agent). The GET contains traditional language, codified over the centuries,  in which the husband agrees to end the marriage. By accepting the document, the wife also agrees and the marriage is terminated. The GET must be written  and delivered under the auspices of the Rabbinic Court (Bet Din), which makes sure that the legal requirements are followed.  The document is hand-written by a specially trained scribe specifically for this man and woman.  It is then signed by two expert witnesses trained to review the text and correct any errors.  The process is overseen by the mesadder gittin, a rabbi trained and certified in Jewish divorce law.  The members of our Bet Din are Rabbi Richard Flom and Rabbi John Carrier. The scribe is Baruch Bitran, and the mesadder gittin and head of the Bet Din is Rabbi Daniel Shevitz. 


obtaining a GET


 We use a webform for applying for a GET. Click the button  below to be taken to the online application. There is no need to print it or send it in; just click the "SUBMIT" button when you have completed filling it out.  There is no need to make an appointment at this stage. When we receive your application we will contact you about when your GET can be written.

Do I have to come in person?

 No. Many people find the ceremony to be a moving experience. If you'd rather not come in person you can submit the Appointment of Agency form. Download the appropriate form below and submit it by fax or email. 

How long does it take?

 Once all the paperwork is in and fee has been paid, the GET can be usually be scheduled in two to four weeks.  The ceremony of writing and delivering the GET takes about an hour.

Can I bring friends with me?

Yes, though our facilities are limited.  We can discuss this when we schedule your GET.

How much does it cost? What else will I need?

 The fee for a GET is $730.  The fee is payable once we acknowledge receipt of your application.  You can pay using our secure credit card  site by clicking the link below.

 We will also need a hi-res photo of your ketubah, if it is available, and the first and last pages of your civil divorce decree.  If this has not been completed, please let us know when it is expected.


Feel free to write or call.

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